Casino Game Aggregator : The Future of Online Casinos

Game Aggregator: Powering Next-Gen Online Casinos

As a kid, you might have come across a CD or DVD jampacked with an assortment of games. Wasn’t it like hitting a goldmine? A single device that held hours upon hours of entertainment?

Now imagine bringing that same concept to your online casino. By partnering with casino game aggregator, you can offer your players a vast array of top-notch games from multiple providers, all through a single integration. It’s like having a virtual gaming compilation at your fingertips!

In this blog, let’s dive deep and understand what game aggregators are and look at the benefits that you can reap by partnering with them.

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Types of Games Integration

Games integration is a crucial part of building an online casino.

There are mainly two ways in which games can be integrated into your online casino platform. Let’s look at both ways in detail below.

1. Direct Integration

One of the common approaches is for the operator to directly partner with a game provider that aligns with their target market and audience. However, this involves a lengthy due diligence process, including KYC procedures, along with significant costs in the form of setup fees to gain access to the provider’s game portfolio.

Moreover, the process of game acquisition for online casinos is a forever process that requires a lot of negotiations with multiple providers. These discussions typically include topics like revenue-sharing terms, navigating through legal and contractual documents, and more.

The technical integration phase can be challenging, as each vendor may utilize different APIs. Also, every time the operator wishes to introduce games from a new provider, they will have to do the entire process from scratch.

2. Integration via Game Aggregator

In this approach, operators can access multiple games from different providers all through a single integration. This eliminates the need for establishing individual agreements with each game studio.

Here’s how the process works: the game aggregator enters into content distribution agreements with a wide range of development studios. These agreements allow the aggregators to re-sell their games on their behalf. As a result, casino operators who integrate with the game aggregator get instant access to a diverse portfolio of games from multiple providers.

The primary advantage of using a game aggregator is the simplified integration process. Instead of dealing with the technical complexities of connecting to each game studio’s unique APIs, casino operators only need to integrate with the aggregator’s unified API.

Who is a Casino Games Aggregator?

Game aggregators are essential in the iGaming sector because they assemble games from different creators and present them to online casinos. They have a tremendous array of exciting table games, live dealer games, and slots created by leading studios. Casinos can present various games when partnering with a game aggregator instead of several individual game producers.

What Are the Benefits of Partnering With A Casino Games Aggregator?

The role of casino game aggregator is to act as an intermediary between the casino operators and the developer of these games, which could be mutually beneficial for both parties involved. See below for the benefits.

  • Access to a Diverse Game Portfolio

One of the main advantages of a casino games aggregator over direct integration is that it allows for an extensive and varied portfolio of games from different sources. You can provide your players with numerous games and diverse gaming experiences. Also, casinos partner with a single provider rather than negotiating with multiple studios.

  • Streamlined Integration and Content Management

Game aggregators simplify the entire integration process by providing a single point of integration for online casinos. This approach reduces the technical complexity as well as the workload associated with the integration from multiple providers. Further, aggregators often offer advanced content management systems, allowing casinos to easily manage and update their game offerings, ensuring a seamless player experience.

  • Enhanced Player Engagement and Retention

A much wider and more diverse games portfolio means that online casinos can cater to a broader player base. This boosts the overall engagement and retention rates. By offering a constantly evolving selection of games, casinos can keep the players encouraged and motivated to explore more. This variety helps prevent monotony and pushes the players to return to the platform, driving customer loyalty and eventually revenue growth.

  • Cost-Effective and Time-Saving Solution

Game aggregators offer an affordable alternative for both online casinos and game producers. Aggregators save casinos money on integration fees, maintenance costs, and the hassles of managing relationships with various providers by combining several game suppliers into a single platform and automating the distribution process. Both parties stand to gain significantly from this win-win partnership regarding cost reductions and operational improvements.

  • Innovation and Emerging Technology Integration

To keep pace with the ever-evolving online casino industry, game aggregators are the ‘secret sauce’ that holds the online casino world at the top. They do this by partnering with top-class game developers known for their ability to churn out new and exciting content constantly. It allows casinos to have unique gaming experiences such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) and utilise features that gamify playing while increasing fun. With these high-tech advancements being used effectively, a casino will be competitive enough to attract players who are tech-savvy and stay current at the same time.

How To Choose a Casino Games Aggregator

How To Choose a Casino Games Aggregator?

Choosing a casino games aggregator can be a make-or-break decision for operators. With numerous aggregators in the market, it is important that you critically evaluate various factors before signing the cheque. Let’s go over the factors one by one.

  • Game Portfolio Diversity and Quality

The main function of a games aggregator is to provide access to a diverse and high-quality game portfolio. Now if they don’t have it then partnering with that aggregator will not be fruitful. Thus, it’s important to evaluate the breadth of the aggregator’s game offerings. Look at the genres, themes, and providers covered. Also, look for the quality of the games, including the graphics, gameplay mechanics, and overall experience.  

  • Integration Capabilities and Ease of Implementation

You should also consider the integration capabilities and the ease of implementation of games provided by the aggregator. It will save you a lot of time and money if the integration process is seamless, while also minimizing the disruptions to your existing operations. Look for API compatibility with your platform as well. Also, make sure that the aggregator provides support during the initial phase.

  • Technical Support and Customer Service

To keep running things smoothly and keep problems at bay, there must be reliable technical and attentive B2B support. Look into the experience of the technical team supporting the aggregator, their response time, and the available assistance channels. Having proactive and knowledgeable support staff can help minimise downtime and quickly resolve issues.

  • Reputation and Industry Experience

Ultimately, it’s important to verify the casino games aggregator’s reputation and industry experience. This includes reviewing their track record, industry accolades, and client endorsements. Trustworthy aggregators with established expertise possess the needed industry knowledge, can provide reliable service, stay ahead of industry changes, and give useful advice for navigating the competitive iGaming industry.

Emerging Trends and Future of Game Aggregation

As the iGaming industry evolves rapidly, casino game aggregator stand at the forefront of driving innovation and shaping its future. Several trends are emerging and changing the way game aggregators offer value to their partners. Let’s look at them below.

Cloud-Based Solutions and Scalability

Cloud-based solutions have gradually become more popular. The cloud enables unmatched scalability and flexibility in the solution. In addition to offering scalability, cloud technology has allowed game aggregators to improve their ability to deliver content and enhance the efficiency of operations. The offering and agility of online casinos can also improve considerably. Their intrinsic capacity now unburdens them enabling them to respond nimbly to the changing market.

Gamification and Immersive Experiences

Get ready for a whole new level of excitement! The integration of gamification elements and immersive technologies like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) is gaining traction in the iGaming industry. Casino games aggregators are teaming up with innovative game developers to introduce these cutting-edge experiences to online casinos. By incorporating gamified features and immersive gaming environments, aggregators help casinos captivate players like never before, fostering increased loyalty and retention.

Cross-Platform Integration and Mobile Gaming

In a world where mobile gaming dominates and players expect flawless experiences, game aggregators prioritize offering top-tier content across various platforms and devices. They also optimize game content for tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices and support cross-platform gaming so players can seamlessly switch between devices without interrupting their gameplay.

Wrapping Up

Game aggregators drive innovation in the iGaming industry. As technology progresses further and player expectations soar, these platforms will continue enhancing their offerings, promoting a more immersive and personalized iGaming experience. Their role in connecting developers, operators, and players positions them to have a significant impact on the future of iGaming.

However, there are comprehensive iGaming casino software providers in the market offering complete solutions. PieGaming is one such all-inclusive white label iGaming platform featuring a plethora of pre-integrated online casino games, factoring out the need for an external game aggregator.


  • Is a casino games aggregator developer of games?

    No, a casino games aggregator is an intermediary between the game developer/studio and different casinos. They compile games from different creators and provide them to the casinos through a single API.

  • What to look for in a games aggregator?

    Some things to look for in a games aggregator are: Diversity of games Easy integration & implementation techniques Technical support and customer service Aggregator’s reputation in the industry Their ability to keep up with emerging trends 

  • What are the benefits of a games aggregator?

    There are multiple benefits that a casino games aggregator offers. Some of them include: Access to a diverse games portfolio from top providers Streamlined integration through a single API Cost-effective and time-saving solution Easy access to emerging trends and innovations in the iGaming space

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Casino Game Aggregator : The Future of Online Casinos

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