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Player lifecycle management solutions with segmentation, database and player retention solutions all in one PAM platform.

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What is Player Account Management PAM?All You Need to Know about PieGaming Podium

Podium is the most versatile stand-alone iGaming player account management solution that offers flawless user experience and user retention via its simplified layout and modules.

Our Player Management System allows for better control, better operations and better insights into your iGaming platform, player activities and gameplay.

What is Player Account Management PAM?

Features of PieGaming PodiumThe Most Powerful PAM Solution

What are the ingredients for designing a flawless player account management solution? You’ll get
everything you need for impeccable account management in iGaming solutions.

  • Well-equipped Back Office

    You get a comprehensive back office that allows easy player account management PAM and iGaming operations monitoring. Access various tools, reports and detailed analytics via the back office.

  • Risk Assessment and Management Tools

    Our technological expertise helps you detect risks and player fraud pertaining to payments, bonuses, gameplay and KYC. The robust anti-fraud system helps mitigate suspicious activities at an early stage.

  • Built-in CMS and CRM

    Cash on the latest trends, updates and local sentiment to market your platform better with an in-built content management system. Player data management solutions help tap into different geographies by highlighting popular games in different regions.

  • Homegrown Affiliate Module

    Strengthen your marketing and branding campaigns with an affiliate management system. The back office allows access to affiliate managers to manage payment plans, commissions, marketing tools, affiliate settings and data.

  • A full-scale Bonus Engine

    Enhance player acquisition, retention and reactivation with enticing bonuses and gamification. PieGaming Bonus Engine offers cross-product bonusing, player segmentation and insightful bonus reporting.

  • In-depth Analysis and Reporting

    Keep tabs on every move of players from game round-level activities to transaction-level pursuits with player activity tracking solutions. Analyse and assess explicit as well as implicit insights to make data-driven decisions.

PieGaming Podium
Player Management System Offerings

Shedding light on the key features of our all-in-one player account management solution.

  • Tools for User Retention

    Acquiring a new player costs more than delighting the existing one. Our player retention solutions and campaigns allow you to engage your existing users, reactivate the dormant ones and reduce the churn rate.

  • Built-in KYC and AML Protocols

    Ensure the security of users, their assets and your business with PieGaming’s player database management solutions. Keep financial frauds and risks at bay with our fool-proof KYC and Anti-money Laundering protocols.

  • Multi-lingual Support

    Globalise your platform with a localised touch! Our player account solution offers multi-lingual support in more than seven tongues. Language, preference and geographies will not restrict scalability.

  • Multi-wallet Payment System

    Our iGaming account management solution is already integrated with a wide range of payment methods be it e-wallets, gateways or cryptocurrencies. If you have a personal pick we’ll integrate that too.

  • Easy Third-party Integration

    Conveniently integrate with third-party content providers and expand the horizon of your iGaming offerings. Serve the best iGaming platter with Sportsbooks, live casinos, betting exchanges and more.

Benefits of PieGaming PodiumA PieGaming PAM Solution

You get a comprehensive combination of player experience enhancement solutions, player segmentation
tools solutions and player activity tracking solutions in one PAM platform.

  • 01

    Accurate Financial and Commercial Insights

    Keep your business operations in the pink of health.

  • 02

    Adherence to most regulations and licences

    Complying with regulations was never this easy.

  • 03

    In full compliance with GLI and GDPR

    Player privacy and data security is our priority.

  • 04

    Online and land-based iGaming operations

    Adapts to your business model and operations.

  • 05

    Seamless Integration with iGaming Content Providers

    Sportsbooks, Casino Aggregators and other iGaming services.

  • 06

    Cryptocurrency support

    A progressive move to promote progressive iGaming.

  • 07

    Fully customizable and highly dynamic

    Pick and choose the features you want for localisation.

  • 08

    Highly Scalable platform

    Keep up with the growing demands and expansion.

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