What Is The Role Of An RNG (Random Number Generator) In Online Casinos?

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Randomness is the foundation of iGaming. It is a cornerstone of the game’s outcome. 

In a traditional land-based casino, iGaming is sheer luck. The dice roll, roulette, wheel spin, or flip of the card in your favour are mostly complete luck. Why mostly? Because there are certain well-known formulas that can accurately predict outcomes in most cases. Well, that’s an issue now!

However, this is not the case with iGaming. Latest technologies and AI have eradicated the players’ fear of biased outcomes. 

When choosing an online casino, players trust it for its fairness and hope to have a winning chance at their game. RNG is the superhero behind it all. It guarantees transparency and randomness for unbiased outcomes.

What is RNG or Random Numbers Generation in iGaming?

Random Number Generation or RNG, is a crucial technology in the iGaming world. It ensures that digital igaming is purely fair and unpredictable stimulating an adrenaline rush in players.

It is an algorithm or system designed to generate sequences of numbers that are unpredictable. 

It stimulates randomness in virtual casino games with the help of AI and replicates the unpredictability of traditional physical casino games. 

There are two types of RNGs. Find out more in detail about them below: 

1. True Random Number Generators (TRNGs):  It is a system or device that produces random numbers by utilizing random physical processes. TRNGs derive random numbers from physical processes such as electronic noises, radioactive decay, photon detection, and atmospheric noises to ensure unpredictability in the outcomes. Later, the output is digitized and processed to produce random numbers. Let us now understand the key aspects of TRNGs.

  • A. Physical Basis: TRNGs rely on random physical processes to provide a source of randomness and unpredictable results. Some of these processes are electronic noises, radioactive decay, and other quantum phenomena. 
  • B. Non-Deterministics: Since TRNGs rely on physical processes, they are not bound by initial seed values. Hence, the chances of producing a repeatable sequence of numbers in non-existent. 
  • C. Applications: TRNGs are majorly used in applications requiring high levels of security, cryptography, and other secure communications. Additionally, iGaming is also widely using TRNGs to make games fair and unpredictable.
  • D. Speed and Quality: TRNGs are believed to produce superior quality, random numbers. But, they may be slower than PRNGs due to the need to sample and process physical signals. Additionally, environmental factors can also affect the quality and randomness of TRNGs. 

2. Pseudo Random Number Generators (PRNGs): PRNGs typically use mathematical algorithms to generate random sequences. It starts with an initial seed value to generate numbers that appear random. Despite seeming deterministic, these are widely popular in the iGaming market because of their efficiency in producing superior-quality randomness. 

  • A. Initial Seed Value: PRNGs require an initial seed value to start generating numbers. Once the PRNG system knows the initial value, it generates a sequence of numbers for tasks that require repeatability. 
  • B. Deterministic Nature: Determinism is both a strength and weakness for PRNGs because, with the same seed, it will always produce a similar sequence of numbers. 
  • C. Periodicity: Generally, PRNGs have a period after which they start generating repeated numbers. A good PRNG is expected to have a long period, meaning it can generate a long sequence of numbers before repeating them. 
  • D. Randomness Quality: PRNGs’ randomness quality depends vividly on the algorithms used. Good PRNGs are the ones that produce sequences that pass statistical tests of randomness and lack patterns that are predictable. 

Now that we are well-versed in what is RNG and types of RNG technology in iGaming, let us now understand the role of Random Number Generation in iGaming. 

Online Casino Games that Use RNG

Types of Online Casino Games that Use RNGs

Now that we have successfully grasped the definition and types of RNGs, we can now emphasize on the types of casino games that rely on random number generation technology in iGaming. 

  • Lotteries
  • Poker games
  • Slot machines
  • Crash games
  • Scratch cards
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Keno

RNG in iGaming is used differently depending on each format of the game. For Example, for card games, it is used to map the order of cards present in the virtual deck. It can also be understood as it constantly shuffles cards with its algorithms. 

In other games like Bingo, the system puts together and lists out possible combinations of numbers. Scratch cards work similarly to slot games, they use symbols and their positions. The generated numbers simply map out arrangements of those symbols. 

Role of RNG in iGaming Business

RNG technology in iGaming is the heart of online iGaming. Every operator and game will become silent and out of business if they do not assure their players of the use of RNGs for randomness and fair play. 

Let us now delve into and understand the crucial role of random numbers generation in iGaming. 

1. Ensuring Fair Play: 

RNGs are proven to ensure that each game’s outcomes are random and completely unbiased. It is crucial to maintain a fair playfield for each player to have an equal opportunity to win. In slot and table games, every spin, dice roll and card shuffle mandatorily produces random results and that is the whole purpose of this software. 

2. Ensuring Unpredictable Outcomes: 

Unpredictability is the key element that makes iGaming exciting. RNGs not only keep the numbers random but unpredictable too in order to keep the game exciting. For instance, in Video Poker RNGs make sure that every hand played is unique and independent from the previous round to keep the thrill and suspense going. 

3. Ensuring Regulatory Compliance: 

Online casinos are bound to operate under strict regulations and compliances that mandate the use of certified RNGs. These regulations are carefully put in place by gaming authorities to protect players and ensure game integrity. RNGs usually go under rigorous testing before certification by independent auditors to protect fairness and randomness in results. 

4. Maintaining Players’ Security and the Game’s Integrity: 

RNGs prevent cheating and manipulation by their secure medium of cryptographic security and integrity checks so that neither the player nor the casino can ever predict the outcomes. 

5. Building Player Trust with Transparency: 

Published certifications and clear communication of RNGs can help build player trust. It is more likely for players to engage with a platform that is open about its fairness measures as it reinforces confidence in the players. 

RNG Certification Providers in iGaming

RNG audits are conducted to confirm that each game is fair and incorruptible. Most often, these certifications are sought by players themselves to ensure that they are investing their money in a legitimate casino. 

This is the reason why RNGs have always been called the foundation of an online casino as it validates the trustworthiness of the platform to the audiences. Moreover, it guarantees complete transparency and fairness without influencing the final output. 

Let us now check out in detail about establishments that provide this certification and how one can obtain it. 

1. BMM Testlabs: This well-established independent laboratory has been testing and certifying iGaming games for more than 30 years now. It is known to be one of the most reputable authorities in the iGaming world that is testing gaming content for RNG compliances in every jurisdiction. BMM applies a two-step verification approach for any gaming brand. In the first step they conduct a preliminary content confirmation with RNG validation, functionality checks, and mathematical consistency. It is then followed by quarterly verification. Later in the certification process, experts at BMM perform a series of technical audits and then finally certify the conformity. 

2. iTech Labs: Being a global leader in testing and certifying online gaming systems since 2004, iTech Labs provides accreditation services in America, Asia, and Europe. They focus on jurisdiction-specific restrictions and regulations to ensure the iGaming platform meets the specific requirements. Their certification process is divided into 3 stage analysis of the test code for vulnerabilities, to check the system’s overall performance. 

3. Gaming Labs International (GLI)- Another famous iGaming testing lab is GLI for RNG-based games. Worldwide, GLI’s certificates are recognized across the regulated markets. GLI’s process of verifying the RNG algorithms depends mainly on factors like general RNG code review, outcome distribution tests, and diehard battery tests. 

4. eCOGRA  (eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance): A London-based agency that checks iGaming software and systems. eCOGRA’s core role is to protect the rights of the players, ensure fair games, and provider’s responsibility. Their tech experts analyse in detail if the game offered complies with RNG requirements completely. Later, they issue a comprehensive report and their certificate to ensure the same. 

Summing Up, 

Online iGaming is impossible without random number generators as players don’t see dealers shuffling the card or rolling the dice. Here a piece of code takes over that job. 

The brand that you rely on for RNG takes the back seat here. What is most important is the presence of RNG technology to keep the games unpredictable, safe and fair for all the players. 

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What Is The Role Of An RNG (Random Number Generator) In Online Casinos?

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