Turnkey iGaming Software Provider

Does off-the-shelf iGaming software sound trivial to you? Have a well-thought-out Turnkey iGaming Platform with PieGaming.

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Turnkey iGaming Software Provider

Turnkey iGaming Sportsbook Solutions

Are exploring tried and tested iGaming Sportsbooks solutions but with your branding and signature style all over the platform? We have you covered. With more than 50 tailor-made sportsbook solutions deployed globally, PieGaming makes the best fit.

You get the largest coverage of live events and games across the globe including domestic and international leagues. With such a vast menu to serve, you also need a robust PAM platform to manage it all. So have it with seamless UX and customisations of your choice.

  • All popular Sports
    and Leagues
  • Additional Regional
    Sports On-Demand.
  • eSports
Turnkey iGaming Sportsbook Solutions
Turnkey iGaming Sportsbook Solutions
Turnkey iGaming Sportsbook Solutions
Turnkey iGaming Sportsbook Solutions
  • Turnkey Online Casino Software
  • Turnkey Online Casino Software
  • Turnkey Online Casino Software
  • Turnkey Online Casino Software
  • All popular Sports
    and Leagues
  • Additional Regional
    Sports On-Demand.
  • eSports
Turnkey Sports Betting Exchange

Turnkey Online Casino Software

Get an online casino software solution adapted to your requirements, brief and brand image. PieGaming’s turnkey gaming solutions are capable of integrating with all popular, as well as local Games and Providers.

Ensure high-profit margins with unlimited gaming transactions and zero latency. With PieGaming’s mobile responsive turnkey online casino software, you get a fast, secure, and progressive platform that supports cryptocurrencies and an affluent bonus engine.

  • 80+ Providers
  • Complete RTP Control
  • Additional Providers On Demand.

Turnkey Sports Betting Exchange

A sophisticated betting exchange that not only offers an enriching experience to your punters but also has high player retention. PieGaming’s turnkey sports betting exchange solution offers much-needed flexibility, scalability, and security to your platform in terms of users, profitability, and compliance.

You get the vast array of sports and events to offer to your global player base. Target different geographies, segments, and regions differently with well-equipped CMS and CRM systems. Varied markets, event categories, and round-the-clock streaming keep your players engaged.

  • Betfair Integration.
  • Lightning-fast matching algorithm.
  • Largest coverage of Sports and Leagues.

What To Expect From PieGaming’s Advanced Turnkey iGaming Solution

A personalised touch with not just your name and branding on the surface but customised look, feel and functionalities to the core – the foundation of our turnkey gaming services.

  • Dynamic User Management

    Want more than what a standard PAM offers? Have us build custom modules for better user management and control.

  • Easy Game Management

    Control every aspect of Gaming content, from providers to games to RTP values with all-in-one gaming systems.

  • Effortless Bet Management

    Have your say on every aspect of bets placed and wagers made. Set your own limits and effortlessly manage your exposures and liabilities.

  • Customised Reports

    Get customised reports with metrics of your choice and fetch data dynamically with the iGaming turnkey solution.

  • Rewards and Bonuses

    Robust user retention with Tier based Reward system and a whole suite of bonus types.

  • Flexible Payment System

    Not content with the payment services available, have anything from Fiat to e-Wallets to Crypto Gateways.

  • Multi-language Support

    Give a localised touch to your global iGaming platform in your preferred languages.

  • Custom UI/UX

    Get a tailor-made UI theme with your branding and signature all over the platform.

  • Risk and Fraud Proof

    Looking to implement a region-specific KYC or a regulatory assigned AML protocol? We’ve got you covered.

Benefits ofTurnkey iGaming Solutions

  • 01

    Quick TAT yet Customised

    Time is the most precious commodity when it comes to business! Delivering you value for money with ready-made gaming software that offers custom online casino, betting exchange, and sportsbook solutions at the earliest.

  • 02

    One-off Platform

    Your platform’s uniqueness is the USP that takes you places. Give your punters some freshness in terms of design, experience, and gameplay. PieGaming’s turnkey iGaming platform allows you to do so as per your liking.

  • 03

    Lowest to NO GGR

    As things stand, we offer the lowest GGR in the market right now. If you are still looking for something more exclusive, we can do that. Our iGaming turnkey solutions can be offered with NO GGR, just fixed monthly fees.

  • 04

    Secure and Scalable

    Our turnkey iGaming solutions offer you the ability to grow. Our solutions are exceptionally secure and scalable and can accommodate any and all facets of iGaming. Not only can we implement new iGaming content but also we encourage it.

  • 05

    Flexible and Efficient

    PieGaming’s turnkey iGaming software solution comes with a high level of flexibility to let you operate your business your way. Highly adaptive CMS, CRM, bonus engine, and other tools along with PAM make way for efficiency and profitability.

  • 06

    Universally Compliant

    Compliance and regulations are the bitter truth of the iGaming sector. Our universally compliant turnkey iGaming platforms save you the hassle and time you would invest in making your platform 100% compliant with all licenses.

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