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The New Generation

Betting Exchange Platform

With PieGaming, you’re all set. Our feature-rich white label betting exchange solution is designed for next-gen gameplay. Equipped with a list of features, our betting exchange solution lets you enhance the overall betting experience for your wagers. Now, let your player easily BACK or LAY and enjoy the game!

  • Easy Customization
  • Intuitive UI&UX
  • Effective PAM
The New Generation Betting Exchange Platform

Features of PieGaming’s
White Label Betting Exchange Software

  • Robust Matching Engine

    PieGaming offers a robust matching engine designed to assist you in matching various odds and bet types in all the different markets.

  • Custom Commission Rates

    Operators can easily increase or decrease odds rates by adjusting their commission rate from the back-office.

  • Easy Cashout for Players

    Give an upper hand to players. With PieGaming, let your players easily cash out even during an ongoing match.

  • Live, In-Play and Pool Betting

    PieGaming supports live, in-play and pool betting so that you have multiple betting options available for your players.

  • Efficient Affiliate System

    Get an efficient and fully customizable affiliate system with our PAM to create, run and manage affiliate marketing campaigns in-house.

  • 40+ Third Party Integrations

    Choose from an array of third-party integrations to incorporate in your betting exchange software with PieGaming.

  • Players Account Management

    Streamline operations with our robust PAM system. Easily manage multiple players' KYC verifications, activities, and roles.

  • Back and Lay Odds

    Make the betting experience for your players more enticing with our 2-way supported odd types.


Market-Trusted Betting Exchange Software Provider

Entrepreneurs from 30+ countries are making big in the online sports betting world with PieGaming, where are you?

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Experience The
Power of PAM with

Our robust PAM solutions facilitate a secure, efficient, and user-centric gaming experience. Our system ensures that you can focus on what you do best—growing your business and enhancing user satisfaction.

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    Advanced Back Office Operations

    Enjoy access to an array of sophisticated tools, comprehensive reports, and in-depth analytics that will help you execute your day-to-day player management activities more efficiently.

  • 02

    Proactive Risk Assessment and Management

    Stay ahead of potential threats with our cutting-edge risk management tools. PieGaming’s technology is crafted to identify and mitigate risks associated with payments, bonuses, gameplay, and KYC processes.

  • 03

    Integrated CMS and CRM Systems

    Leverage market trends and local preferences with our built-in Content Management System (CMS). Our CRM solutions are tailored to manage player data effectively, allowing you to pinpoint popular games across various regions and capitalize on diverse market dynamics.

  • 04

    Enhanced Affiliate Management

    Empower your marketing strategies with PieGaming’s homegrown Affiliate Module. It enables your affiliate managers to efficiently manage payment, commissions, and marketing tools.

  • 05

    Dynamic Bonus Engine

    Our sophisticated platform offers cross-product bonusing, targeted player segmentation, and detailed bonus reporting, helping you boost player acquisition, retention, and reactivation through tailored incentives and gamification.

  • 06

    Comprehensive Analysis and Reporting

    With our meticulous tracking solutions, you can gain an unparalleled overview of player behavior. From detailed game round activities to precise transaction-level data, our system allows you to dive deep into analytics to understand player dynamics clearly.

Sports Betting Exchange Solution- Delivered in No Time!

Want to stay ahead of the competition? We deliver your white-label betting exchange software solutions in less than 7 days.


upercharge Every Game & Match With Enticing Bonuses

Get All the Sports
Covered Under One Roof

Here are all the sports that you can get in your white label betting exchange software with PieGaming.

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Get an Unparalleled Betting Exchange Platform with PieGaming

Embrace the full spectrum of benefits with PieGaming’s white-label sports betting exchange solutions.

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    Unbeatably Cost Effective

    PieGaming offers a perfect combination of price and innovation. Don't miss out on the chance to get the best prices in the industry. We take care of the technical aspects, enabling you to concentrate on branding, marketing, and the more creative part of your business.

  • PieGaming

    Unparalleled Security

    Trust in the expertise of our coding ninjas, who are experienced and deeply knowledgeable in crafting stable, secure, and fraud-resistant online casino platforms.

  • PieGaming

    Ready-to-Market Operational Module

    Launch with confidence using our fully operational module, which is quick to own and easy to market. It's packed with features like analytical reports that enhance player engagement, retention, and reactivation, turning metrics into strategies and players into loyal fans.

  • PieGaming

    Accelerated Time-to-Market

    Fast-track your entry into the gaming world with our rapid deployment capabilities. Our team ensures you receive a fully manageable and operationally ready casino platform in just six weeks.

  • PieGaming

    Regulatory Compliance Mastery

    Our iGaming solutions are meticulously designed to meet all regulatory and licensing requirements across jurisdictions, ensuring you operate confidently and legally without any hassles.

  • PieGaming

    Tailored UI Designs

    Our suite of rich UI templates, color themes, and logos enables you to offer a unique and immersive gaming experience that attracts and captivates your audience, making your platform a preferred choice for gamers.

Our Hand-Picked Partners Specially Curated for Your Venture’s Success

At PieGaming, we only partner with Aces to give you a better-than-rest betting exchange platform. Read about our game providers, 3rd party integration, and certifications to know more.

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FAQs on White Label Betting Exchange Software

Have doubts? Here’s some clarity

  • What is a betting exchange?

    (i) An elevated version of your usual betting platform, a betting exchange allows its players to place bets against each other rather than going head-on with the bookmaker.

    (ii) When in a traditional sportsbook, a bookmaker risks competing against the players, and here in a betting exchange, bookmakers take no risks. They provide a platform for players to compete against each other and charge a minimal commission on winnings.

    (iii) Betting exchanges are slowly taking over the traditional online betting landscape, offering players better odds, more transparency, and a thrilling experience.

  • What is the advantage of betting exchange over traditional betting?

    For you, as a bookmaker, a betting exchange is your opportunity to expand your business and enhance player retention swiftly. Let’s know more about them in the points below:

    (i) Lower Operational Costs as operators do not need to set and manage odds.
    (ii) Zero financial risks because, as an operator, you’re only acting as an intermediary in a betting exchange platform.
    (iii) Betting exchanges can be more scalable than traditional bookmakers because they rely on peer-to-peer betting rather than setting their odds and managing risk.
    (iv) A steady income and higher profit margins for betting exchange operators with regular player engagement.

  • Is there a built-in affiliate model available in your betting exchange?

    Yes, the Player Account Management System with PieGaming’s White Label Betting Exchange Software supports a bonus engine and affiliate model to attract more players to the site.

  • Are the white-label sports betting exchange templates customizable?

    White-label sports betting exchange templates offer customization to an extent. However, with PieGaming’s white-label sports betting exchange solution, you also do not require much customization because we make sure we create fully manageable and efficient templates to help you set up your business in one go.

  • How many currencies are supported by your exchange platform?

    PieGaming’s white-label sports betting exchange solution supports both fiat and crypto-currencies.

  • Does your exchange software support live betting?

    Yes, live betting is one of PieGaming’s key offerings.

  • Do you build betting exchange mobile applications?

    With the increasing mobile adoption across geographies, all our solutions are supported on mobile devices seamlessly.

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