Standalone iGaming Bonus System

Put aside player engagement & retention fury! With our all-inclusive bonus engine in PAM, quickly plan and share a multitude of interesting rewards.

  • 100+ customizable bonus parameters
  • Exclusive loyalty points, game credits, free spins
  • Multiple language and currency support
  • Analytical bonus reporting

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Supercharge Every Game & Match With Enticing Bonuses

Make your players feel like royalty with easy and quick access to free spins, welcome bonuses, exclusive cashback offers, and 100s of other bonuses kinds.

  • Instantly award bonuses based on players’ activities
  • Customize promotions to match engagement levels.
  • Monitor real-time progress for timely bonuses.
  • Seamless integration with any PAM system.
  • Adapt bonus parameters to evolving strategies.
  • Extend features across gaming platforms for consistency.
upercharge Every Game & Match With Enticing Bonuses

Key Features of iGaming and
Casino Bonus System

PieGaming Empowers You With!

Game on, Bonus in! Our bonus system offers tons of “must-have” features you need to boost your player's
starting point and deposits.

  • 01

    Multiple Bonus Types

    Enjoy first deposit, deposit, no-deposit, registration, and other type of bonuses that retain and engage your players.

  • 02

    Bonus Stacking

    Give your players options to strategically combine multiple bonuses to increase their potential winnings on a platform.

  • 03

    Effortless Betting

    Enhance betting experience with diverse wallets, balances, conditions & bonuses. Allow auto-debit from a real-money wallet, bonus wallet(s), or both.

  • 04

    Customised Bonuses

    Get the power to configure bonuses based on 100+ parameters like bonus amounts, percentages, and wagering requirements.

  • 05

    Wagering Configuration

    Set and adjust wagering requirements for different bonuses while transparently conveying the terms and conditions of wagering.

  • 06

    Automated Distribution

    Automatedly allocate bonuses based on predefined rules. Set triggers to activate bonuses as per the player’s action.

  • 07

    Targeted Promotions

    Create tailored promotions to target specific player segments. Divide players based on activity, preferences, or loyalty levels.

  • 08

    API Integration

    Enjoy fast and swift integration with existing gaming counterparts like gaming engines, CRM, or any payment systems.

  • 09

    Reporting and Analytics

    With comprehensive reporting, analyze the effectiveness of bonus campaigns. Understand each player’s intention to serve well.

Apply Multiple Bonuses Simultaneously

Enable Multiple Bonuses at Once!

Everyone loves free stuff! Experience which bonus engine types boost player acquisition and retention. Run the
combination of bonuses that work for you and skip the ones that don’t.

Top Online Casino Bonuses

  • Welcome Bonus/Sign-Up Bonus
  • Deposit Bonus
  • No Deposit Bonus
  • Free Spins
  • Reload Bonus
  • Cashback Bonus
  • High Roller Bonus
  • Refer-a-Friend Bonus
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Game-Specific Bonuses
  • Tournament Bonuses
  • Birthday Bonus

Top Sports Betting Bonuses

  • Welcome Bonus/Sign-Up Bonus
  • Deposit Bonus
  • Free Bets
  • No Deposit Bonus
  • Risk-Free Bet
  • Reload Bonus
  • Cashback Bonus
  • Refer-a-Friend Bonus
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Special Event Bonuses

Enjoy Integration to Any Existing Casino & Sports Gaming Platforms

Integrate PieGaming’s comprehensive iGaming platform backed by a robust bonus engine system into any
existing casino and sports platforms — without extensive development and coding. Seamlessly equip your
gaming platform with wide bonus types, loyalty, tournaments, and achievements functionalities.

Implement bonus engine for player engagement and retention. From seasoned players to a rookie,
ensure timely distribution of bonuses for everyone!

upercharge Every Game & Match With Enticing Bonuses

Increase Cross-Selling With Cross Product Bonusing

Effortlessly manage bonuses across wide casino and sports betting games! With the Bonus system, allocate bonuses across jurisdictions for varied casinos and sports events. Easily set up a wagering target or requirement that the player has to reach to win rewards for casino or sports – or both!

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Start a Non-Stop Party for Seasoned Players or a Rookie!

Deliver a thrilling gaming experience with our feature-rich bonus engine. Give your players reasons to double, triple, or even quadruple their deposits.

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upercharge Every Game & Match With Enticing Bonuses

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Worth Leading the Market With!

Step up and enter the competitive iGaming market with our diverse solutions range. Take first mover advantage and build a
scalable platform that earns you heavy profit dividends.

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  • Player Account Management

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FAQs on Casino Bonus Engine

  • What are bonus engine systems?

    Bonus engine systems are easy-to-integrate platforms that help casino and sports betting providers automate the process of handling bonuses. Being easy to handle, it helps plan and distribute incentives, promotions, and perks efficiently across platforms. It’s a sure-shot feature every gaming platform needs to retain and engage players.

  • What is the wagering requirement in bonus withdrawal?

    A wagering requirement defines the number of times a player should bet the bonus amount to stand eligible for any winnings.

  • What is a casino bonus system?

    A casino bonus system is a platform that provides lucrative incentives like deposit matches or free spins to attract and retain players, enhancing their gaming experience.

  • How do you use online casino bonuses?

    To use online casino bonuses, for a player, it’s a must to:

    - Check terms and wagering requirements, along with game eligibility.
    - Use bonuses strategically while maximizing value and managing risk for a better online casino experience.

  • Is the casino bonus withdrawable?

    Most vendors offered online casino bonuses come with specified wagering requirements. Meaning they are withdrawable whenever the players meet the specified condition.

  • What are the top 10 online casino bonuses?

    Here are the top 10 online casino bonuses you can enjoy with PieGaming’s standalone Bonus engine in PAM:

    - Welcome Bonus/Sign-Up Bonus
    - Deposit Bonus
    - No Deposit Bonus
    - Free Spins
    - Reload Bonus
    - Cashback Bonus
    - High Roller Bonus
    - Refer-a-Friend Bonus
    - Loyalty Programs
    - Game-Specific Bonuses
    - Tournament Bonuses
    - Birthday Bonuses

  • What makes a good casino bonus?

    A good casino bonus system must offer

    - Fair terms and conditions
    - Reasonable wagering requirements.
    - Diverse bonus types offerings like welcome bonuses, free spins, etc,
    - Have every process or initiation laid out transparently.
    - Must suit each player’s preferences without breaching regulatory standards.

  • Are casino bonuses real?

    Yes, casino bonuses are real and players do get it for real, mainly in the form of free spins, deposit matches, and loyalty rewards.

  • What are Online Casino Bonuses?

    Online casino bonuses are a form of promotional rewards or offers offered by online gaming platforms to lure and retain players. Online casino bonuses can be of varied types like welcome bonuses, free spins, and loyalty rewards.

  • What are online casino bonuses and loyalty programs?

    Online casino bonuses are a kind of reward that includes free spins or deposit matches. While loyalty programs ensure rewarding players to retain and keep them up for long.

  • How to use bonuses to engage and retain players?

    Make sure to strategically utilise bonus offerings. Tailor promotions as per your players' preferences. Create engaging loyalty programs, and use bonus engine systems to communicate rewards effectively and enjoy their long-haul retention.

  • Are casino bonuses real?

    Yes, casino bonuses are totally real and include various incentives in the form of free spins, deposit matches, and more.

  • How to prevent abuse of bonuses & commissions?

    To prevent abuse of bonuses and rewards, make sure you consult bonus engine providers who have an easy-to-integrate casino bonus engine that:

    - Runs on clear and fair bonus/commission policies.
    - Helps monitor and segment users’ profiles based on their actions, activities, and preferences.
    - Provides detailed performance metrics and has a risk management feature to mitigate the consequences of misuse or manipulation during gameplay.

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