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Your cutting-edge back office system is here! Equipped with all the tools you need to monitor lobbies, plan marketing collaterals, and manage bonuses and players.

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Back Office Systems in Online Casino

One Platform, Multiple Tools!

Our proprietary, next-gen, data-driven casino back office system is here to stun you
with revenue-generating features and tools.

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    Game Management

    Through a comprehensive GUI, enjoy multiple game views and manage live casino lobby and diverse casino games.

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    PAM System

    Enjoy a 360° view of your players’ gaming activities. Sync everything from player profile management to player segmentation.

  • 03

    Bonuses & Promotions

    Manage welcome bonuses, referral bonuses, etc. Build customised loyalty programs to offer personalised gaming experiences to players.

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    Payment Management

    Oversee every game payout, manage crypto and fiat transactions, ensure secure transactions, and monitor withdrawals and deposits.

  • 05

    Risk Management

    Manage current and potential risks, ensure platform security, and foster safe gameplay to promote responsible gaming experiences.

  • 06

    KYC System

    Track and review complete player details. Ensure platform security with end-to-end verification of users' identities and profiles.

  • 07

    Multi-Language Support

    Effortlessly cater to a global and wider customer base beyond borders with seamless multi-language supported CRM for casino platforms.

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    CRM system

    On a single platform, enjoy dynamic segmentation of players and manage leads, sales, and revenue-generating prospects.

  • 09

    Affiliate Management

    Supervise multiple agents and affiliates in one place. Organize hierarchies with a clear chain of command for agents and affiliates.

iGaming Back-office

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Want a Fully Customised Online Casino Back Office System?

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Back-Office Casino Management Software

Main Components You Get

Enjoy the capacity of back office software in online casinos! Effortlessly sync different business areas such as administration, payment processing, and game management.

  • Casino CRM Software

    Casino operators now effortlessly optimize customer retention by integrating our potent casino CRM software into their online platforms. With this inclusive software, enjoy:

    • Streamlined marketing and promotions
    • Detailed player insights
    • Better player segmentation and behavior prediction
    • Personalized loyalty programs
  • Casino PAM Software

    Now simplify and automate the management of multiple players in your online casino with Casino Player Account Management (PAM) software.

    • Track user onboarding and real-time gameplay
    • Analyse user behaviour
    • Account verification & player KYC
    • Tools to enhance user experiences
  • Casino Management System

    Efficiently handle a rich casino lobby, seamless integration, and streamline your casino games management with an exclusive CMS.

    • Smooth and easy integration
    • Bonus administration
    • Oversee transactions, profits, and losses.
    • Integrated business intelligence systems

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Get platforms supported by these driven casino gaming and betting content providers.

Why Choose PieGaming’s
Back-Office Casino Software?

We bring every tool, functionality, and setting under one hood needed to manage players and
intensify their gaming experience.

  • PieGaming

    Top-Notch Features

    To ensure smooth operations and massive user acquisition, we have embedded our back office system in the casino with 200+ advanced features and functionalities.

  • PieGaming

    Custom UI/UX

    Our expert team crafts unique, user-centric designs, tailoring experiences to meet your needs and elevate diverse players’ engagement.

  • PieGaming

    Strong Analytics

    With one click, access comprehensive reports about the player’s gaming activities. Find trends to analyze gaps to build improvement strategies.

  • PieGaming

    Improved Security & Trust

    With back office systems, track player activity, and identify suspicious behavior. Ensure fair gameplay, abiding by casino regulations.

  • PieGaming

    Engaging Rewards

    Improve player retention with tailored promotions like free spins for losses, birthday perks, and rewards for loyal customers.

  • PieGaming

    No-code PAM

    Automate player data tracking, promotions, and reporting to enhance efficiency, and accuracy, and save costs through streamlined operations.

Get Back Office Systems in Online Casino

Complete Management Now at Clicks!

Enjoy the ability to manage and monitor end-to-end casino operations from a unified
casino back office management system.

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Endless iGaming Solutions

Now within your reach!

Step up and enter the competitive iGaming market with our diverse solutions range.

  • White Label iGaming Software

    Get the ultimate full-scale white-label Sportsbook solution, Online Casino, and Sports Betting Exchange acceptable across jurisdictions. Ideal for new entrepreneurs seeking a cost-effective, robust start in iGaming.

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  • Turnkey iGaming Solutions

    Seeking proven turnkey iGaming solutions with unique branding? PieGaming offers an easy-to-alter casino, sportsbook, and betting exchange platform, deployable worldwide, ensuring the perfect fit for your brand's signature style.

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  • Custom iGaming Software

    Do you want a unique platform built to your needs? Let’s sit, discuss, and customise and build an iGaming casino platform from grounds-up as you and your users want. From choice of games to custom UI-UX, have it all!

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  • Player Account Management

    In these highly competitive times, having an Online casino or sports betting exchange is not enough. PAM offers you complete control over your users, their activities, segmentation, and bonuses. Get a back office, CMS, and CRM.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have doubts about back-office operations? Let’s clear them all!

  • What is a back office management system?

    Back office software in online casinos is an integrated platform that helps with player management, overseeing bonuses, marketing, and processing payment and risk management operations for a seamless casino or betting platform administration.

  • What is back office casino management software?

    Backoffice casino management software is a centralised platform that helps manage, and monitor gaming activities, marketing strategies, and player acquisition.

  • What is a back office casino management program?

    Integrated back office software in online casinos oversees player management, bonuses, marketing, payments, and risk operations, ensuring smooth platform administration and management.

  • What is a casino back office system?

    A casino back office system is a streamlined platform that lets you manage gaming operations, players, finances, analytics, and every aftermath needed for efficient casino management.

  • What are the different components of a casino back office solution?

    A streamlined casino administration software comes with settings and control options for:

    - Real-time, live casino monitoring
    - Powerful CRM to manage users, casino games, and other data
    - Custom reports and useful dashboards
    - Control of all financial activity
    - Affiliates & promotions
    - Server Maintenance Mod
    - Ui/UX Customisation
    - Highest security patches
    - Multi-lingual and multi-currency support

  • What is a casino player account management software?

    Casino player account management software is a centralised platform that lets you manage:

    - Each player's data and profiles
    - Payments transactions
    - Rewards and bonuses
    It hosts other customised settings and tools that call for personalized experiences and efficient casino operations.

  • What is a casino management system?

    A casino management system is an integrated platform that helps oversee operations, including player tracking, security, and accounting. It helps with overall igaming platform management for efficient casino functioning.

  • Which company can provide the best casino back office system?

    To get integrated casino solutions, PieGaming is the ideal platform. It offers a comprehensive back-office integration for casino platforms to let you seamlessly enjoy:

    - Real-time monitoring of players and their gaming activities
    - Powerful CRM to manage users, games, and related analytics
    - Custom reports over a visualized dashboards
    - Full control of all financial activities
    - Affiliates & promotions management modules
    - High-end security measures for Anti-Fraud

  • How many tools are available in the casino management system?

    The casino management system by PieGaming comes with 100s of dynamic tools and functionalities that let you effortlessly manage players, games, affiliates, and more from a unified back-office dashboard for casinos.

  • What are the advantages of using a back office system for casino management?

    Here are the benefits you get upon having a feature-rich online casino software with a back office system:

    Seamless Player Tracking - In real-time monitor and track player behavior, preferences, and history to offer personalised experiences.
    Efficient Operations - Sync all aspects like player management, accounting, reporting, and marketing for smoother workflows.
    Bonus Management - In one place, control and track bonuses, promotions, and rewards.
    Enhanced Security -r Ensure data protection, fraud prevention, and regulatory compliance.
    Analytics and Insights - Review detailed reports and analytics to make informed decisions.
    Optimized Marketing - Set targeted campaigns based on player data and behavior to increase engagement and retention.

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