Top Whitelabel Betting Exchange Providers to Watch in 2024

Top 5 Whitelabel Betting Exchange Platform Providers

If sports betting is a multi-billion dollar industry, most of the revenue is collected via online sports betting websites. As casino operators identify potential, they are extending their business to provide sports betting services. These days, esports betting is winning over the audience and displaying various signs of growth potential especially leveraging AI technologies. There are currently 25000 sports betting platforms online. 

Here, Whitelabel Betting Exchange Providers come into play to back them up with advanced solutions to jump-start their online wagering platform. Apart from sports betting platforms, betting exchanges are gaining more recognition. In this article, we will dive deep into the concept of white-label betting exchange and take a look at the leading Whitelabel Betting Exchange platform that is expected to perform the best in 2024.

About Sports Betting Exchange

Sports betting exchange is the new-age tool for online sports betting when compared to traditional sports betting platforms. Wageres have realized the exchange value of online sports betting exchange differs prominently. 

Bets placed from betting exchanges require lesser platform fees and come with higher odds. It is a competitive arena and you are allowed to bet as long as a willing opponent is waiting to bet against you.

Features of Top Whitelabel Betting Exchange Providers are as follows:

  • Both back and lay odds for each bet are an absolute must.
  • Automated matching of bets and odds using a machine engine.
  • Betting exchanges offer live sports streaming and simultaneously allow wagering. It specifically encourages new-age bettors to make well-informed decisions. Moreover, it elevates the experience by making it more captivating.
  • Here bettors can cash out their deposit or winnings anytime even if it is amidst a match. 
  • Exchange platforms can harbor global customers because of their multilingual support system.
  • Being a new-age platform betting exchanges allow bettors to check and analyse their wagering history. A comprehensive analysis of each bet can be obtained from the website.
  • Multiple payment gateways are integrated into the platform along with integrated crypto currency support to suit every bettor. The demand for crypto betting is on the rise these days. Due to the added advantages, people are more likely to lean towards crypto betting exchanges.

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Advantages of Whitelabel Betting Exchange Providers

  • Zero share policy— By sharing no revenue with the white label provider you can keep the profit to yourself and boost the profit margins.
  • Back and lay oddsWhitelabel betting exchange providers make sure to curate smooth betting functions for their platforms. Both back and lay odds are essential functions for it.
  • Best branding comes with necessary customizations— For the platform to resonate with the brand identity, it is best to carefully customize every minute detail of the UI which reputed Whitelabel Betting Exchange Providers can easily supply. The best part is that these customizations do not require extra charges and can be easily done in the back end. 
  • Swift launching— At the time a platform is handed over to the operator, they are tailor-made by the WhiteLabel Betting Exchange software to suit the betting exchange banner. It comes with preloaded features which are often enough for a quick primary launch, often within a span of 5 to 10 days.
  • Risk management tools— Risk management tools are incorporated into the platforms from the very start to avoid any unforeseen issues. This can be useful in Fraud prevention, Customer protection, Identifying problematic gambling, Money laundering prevention

Now let’s take a look at some of the best Whitelabel Betting Exchange software 2024…

Top 5 Whitelabel Betting Exchange Software Providers

1. PieGaming


Although relatively new compared to all other betting exchange software contemporaries, PieGaming has made its mark in the industry. Thanks to its in-house competitive PAM technology— it can customize your platform including minute details, fit for top-notch branding.

 Moreover, the operators can manage and monitor the gameplay using the backend panel. For an immersive experience, the UI game is kept strong along with cryptocurrency support to attract the masses. It is known for its advanced technology with zero latency, and backend software support team.

PieGaming’s risk management tactics are recognized worldwide. Their unavoidable potential makes them one of the best choices for whitelabel betting exchange providers 2024.

What more to expect? 

  • 80+ Sports  
  • 50+ Sports Event Coverage
  • Live Scorecard and Match Tracker
  • Non-stop streams on bettable sports (in-play and eSports)

2. GammaStacks


GammaStacks is one of the leading betting exchange software development companies. Operating for the last 8 years, this provider itself provides custom solutions with integrated high-quality risk management tools. It offers multi-language support and the platforms it offers are available in more than 10 languages. As a result, it is capable of harboring global customers. Their zero revenue sharing policy makes it even more appealing for operators. It is known for including the most number of sports and covering a wide set of events.

3. Betfoc


Betfoc is another leading name in the betting exchange software provider of Indian origin. What makes Betfoc stand out from the crowd is its on-demand customizable software. Its primary focus is on creating a robust software infrastructure for secure betting exchanges for the generating highest profit. Moreover, they have mostly focused on keeping their service quick and bug-free. Betfoc considers customer satisfaction as paramount keeping customer support available round the clock. 

4. SwissBet


The cost-effective SwissBet white-label betting exchange software solution strives to bring the most advanced user experience features into focus. In collaboration with  Betfair API It incorporates valuable Sports Analytics and harnesses the power of management tools. They are also known for their bet varieties and event coverages. 

5. SoftSwiss


Operating for the past decade,  it has successfully dominated the industry throughout. It is one of the foremost entries into the market that started offering white-label betting exchange platforms to operators. Moreover, it is also known to be the first to introduce cryptocurrency support to these platforms. Throughout they have maintained a team of industry experts as developers, With a vast selection of options for the bettors. 

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WhiteLabel Betting Exchange development is a thriving business in the worldwide online betting platform. It is growing at a CAGR of 12.0% and the demand is only determined to rise with time. Consider this list of options to build a successful online sportsbook empire in 2024.

To avoid the mayhem of selecting the right white-label betting exchange provider, ditch the queue and contact us for the free demo!

Top Whitelabel Betting Exchange Providers to Watch in 2024

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