Top 6 Tips on How to Choose Turnkey Betting Platform Providers

Tips on How to Choose Turnkey Betting Platform Providers

Discover the top 6 tips for selecting reliable turnkey betting providers to enhance the betting experience for your customers.

Having on board a reliable turnkey betting platform provider is one of the most sought-after solutions to build your iGaming platform within a few days. It is a quick solution to create and grow your online iGaming business.

Imagine! A fully functional betting platform ready for you in just 10 days inclusive of all the customizations required to make a brand presence. Exciting, isn’t it? As you, the operator focus on acquiring customers and expanding the business, your turnkey iGaming platform provider will help you deal with all essential software development and integrations. 

In this article, we will give you a brief on what the ideal Turnkey igaming software features are. Keep reading to know more.

About Turnkey Betting Software Providers

Also known as Standalone sportsbooks, Turnkey betting software providers form a team that helps you excel in the back-end functions as well as assembling the front-end details of an online betting platform. The team consists of expert programmers who incorporate every detail required to create a unique experience. This can include integrating a player account management dashboard, adding payment service providers, and involving risk management solutions—- all of this by asserting full ownership over your platform.

A turnkey betting website opens up the platform towards unlimited possibilities of innovation. The online iGaming arena is ever-evolving and the software with the most prospects of innovation is always leading the race. It is not only economically functional but the constant incorporation of desired elements that make it a favourite among bettors. Security measures with Turnkey Betting platforms are top notch and every transaction is SSL or TSL encrypted. The esteemed Turnkey Sportsbook Software Providers include the latest tools required for the evolving trends. 

Working Mechanism of Turnkey Betting Platform Providers

Turnkey Betting Platform Providers are the original developers of a sportsbook platform. Extensive portfolios containing different types of sports and various markets are often pre-loaded, but the real deal lies in managing backend functions. Types of igames, payment options, and support teams are incorporated according to the operator’s choice. 

Operators receive a well-equipped platform within 5 to 10 days. Depending upon your choice you might have to add payment service providers with your efforts. Selecting the Best Turnkey Betting Solution will ensure your platform has the best support system to fall back on. 

Key Features to consider while Selecting a Turnkey iGaming Platform Provider

Features to Selecting a Turnkey iGaming Platform Provider

To make the most of it an operator needs to know the key factors involved while finalizing the Betting Platform Provider. In this segment, we are about to see some factors that determine the quality of a turnkey betting software provider

Advanced technology and elevated User experience

The easiest way to attract and retain players is by curating an immersive experience. Incorporating the best tools and technologies will not only win their hearts but improve their user journey. Repeated usability testing is often carried out at PIEGAMING just to stay assured about its quality and relevance in the current market. The customization options are incredibly important for operators to check before signing a deal with any turnkey provider. 

Device Compatibility

Cross-platform compatibility in betting solutions is an essential feature to maintain the customer base as new-age bettors are keen on using their smartphones to place bets. According to studies by Uplatform, almost 55% of online bettors prefer to bet from their mobile devices. 

Data Security

Integrating the best payment service providers into your Sports betting platform is one of the most challenging aspects of launching it. This is another way of gaining trust from your customer base.  when a bettor visiting your site comes across all the trusted payment gateways,  it immediately convinces them about the site’s legitimacy. Hence every reputed sportsbook provider will avail credit and debit cards, prepaid cards, e-wallets, crypto, bank transfers, etc. This also adds to the user experience aspect excluding barriers in the payment pathway making it smoother. The most popular payment gateways are, Mastercard, PayPal, Razorpay, Stripe, Skrill, Neteller etc. Transactions through these gateways have multi-layer encryption, avail services in multi-currency options, and have a limit imposed for the sake of customer protection.

Event Coverage

The phrase ‘bigger the better’ stands true when discussing a comprehensive portfolio of sports events. All the major competitions offer more than 40 Sports events and hundreds of pre-events daily.  These days bettors are spoiled with options. The requirement to provide them with the best services fuels technological advancement. As a result, turnkey iGaming software providers are always on the lookout to incorporate the most number of events— matches, pre-matches, etc. to stay ahead in the game. This ensures scalability in Turnkey Betting Solutions. 

Easy Customization

Customization Options in Betting Solutions is a crucial determinant of growth and market relevance. It can give you an edge over other competitors by allowing you to incorporate the current market trends. The back-end Player Account Management Dashboard enables quick customization which is often determined by studying the recent customer needs and technology availability, at PIEGAMING. Turnkey Betting Software Features offer greater options for customizing these sportsbook platforms in terms of themes, logo, functionality, and more. This customization further helps an operator add a unique identity to it which further gets a recognition as brand image. 

Risk Management Tools and House Edge Detection

At the end of the day, every business is evaluated upon the kind of profit it is making. While the mission of every operator is to keep its players engaged, their success is dependent upon how well the platform performs while in events. The customization of the house edge is of utmost importance here. The percentage of odds should be enough to make profits for the business while paying a good value for customers to choose it. Risk Management Tools in Turnkey Betting platforms, like PIEGAMING are equipped to identify and resolve eminent business problems. But most importantly, they help you determine the correct percentage of house edge so that the desired profit margin remains intact.  

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Summing up…

We have provided a comprehensive guide to choosing the right Turnkey Sportsbook Providers for your business. If you are still wondering which want to go for, we have the perfect solution for you. Piegaming has successfully helped more than 50 sportsbook platforms worldwide. It provides the largest coverage of events and games globally with a robust in-house PAM that manages every back-end detail seamlessly. Hence rises as one of the best Turnkey Betting Providers for emerging betting platforms.

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Top 6 Tips on How to Choose Turnkey Betting Platform Providers

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