Sports Betting Sites Checklist: Must-haves of Sports Betting Sites that Drive Success

Sports Betting Sites

A smart man is one who learns from the mistakes of others, avoids them, and implements intelligent solutions while going forward.

This is your resource book to learn and implement from use cases to avoid the chances of blunders while you’re making your online sportsbook software

But before that, let’s understand the market you’re entering into. As per Statista, the global sports betting industry is $242 Billion. It employs 197 thousands employees, and currently over 31 thousand sports betting businesses are operating across the world. The US alone stands at the $8.5 Billion mark, today. What’s interesting? These market figures stand tall despite betting being illegal in the US. This report was generated by Forbes back in 2019. Now, that betting has become legal in 8 states in the US, this number is expected to spike with a CAGR of 12.54% during 2024-2032

By this, we can easily anticipate the growth and opportunities in the industry worldwide for sports betting sites. No wonder entrepreneurs, small business owners, and operators are keen to invest in this lucrative market considering its present outstanding opportunities.

What is Sports Betting?

Sports betting is the activity of predicting the outcome of sports events and placing bets on the outcome. Money is bet on the outcome of those games such as football, basketball games, horse racing, or other competitions.

Sports betting allows individuals to bet on different aspects of the game, including the final outcome, specific scores, player performance, and other associated factors, an outcome offered as a representative of the possibility of any possible outcome offered by casino operators or gambling establishments. These horror stories determine the amount of money that can be paid for winning bets.

Sports betting is popular all over the world, many online and offline platforms offer individuals the opportunity to bet on sports and events of interest. It should be noted that sports betting, if based on jurisdiction, can regulate and restrictions under and inherent risks because it involves gambling and loss of income.

Now that we have talked about evolution and definition. Now let’s move to next step of discussing the common mistakes operators usually make while constructing their online sports betting websites.

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Common Mistakes that Several Online Sports Betting Software Owners Make

Online Sports Betting Software

The sports betting industry is all glitz, glam, and money. That’s why attracting the attention of enthusiasts from all geographies. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with it. After all, everyone can shoot for money when their luck favors them. But on the run, some mistakes ought to happen. This is the compiled list of all those mistakes that you must read and note down very carefully. 

1. Fitting in Everything in Small Space

Sometimes online sports betting sites have so much to offer that they clutter the website in trying to sell. In an excitement to make your punters try everything, websites tend to overshare. And go wrong exactly here! Overstuffing the website with so much for everyone will confuse the players. It creates a situation like a ruckus, ultimately resulting in a bad impression of the website.

If you want to give a seamless experience to your punters then it is important to create a crisp and clean website. Understand, less is more! Create a website that leaves a lasting impression on the player. A great design, easy-to-navigate, and expressive online sports betting software is the key to engaging and retaining players. 

2. Poor UX

Several operators get super engrossed in website design and spend a lot of money on it. But forget that a great design cannot compensate for experience. An overshadowed UX can still be your top experience killer. An expressive design should go hand in hand with an easy-to-navigate user experience to smoothly land the player in the game they’ve come to play. No fuss, clear goals!

3. Forgetting About Responsiveness

Bravo, you’ve made a fabulous online sportsbook software for Desktop! Now what? What about those players who want to play on phones? Are you aware that 55% of punters are more active through their phones? How will you cater to them? While you’re still in the process of getting the website made, make sure to focus on your sports betting website’s responsiveness. Be clear about the platforms you want to integrate and ensure they work flawlessly on laptops, desktops, mobile phones, tablets, and more. Don’t miss responsiveness, it is critical!

4. Failing at Navigation

Browsing through the website should be the easiest task. Complicating this will only end you up with frustrated users. It is important to understand if a player/user cannot seamlessly navigate from point A to B then what is the point? Don’t raise credibility questions from your players. Work, look, and feel the emotions from the website yourself, be your critic. Create a hurdle-free website for happy players. 

5. Load Time

Shortening the page load time can be tricky, but isn’t impossible. If your website consists of various plugins, heavy code, videos, or animation, the page load time will be increased. It’s important to keep it light. For example, instead of using a video, you can use a GIF. Instead of using heavy plugins for animation, you can create animation using CSS. Increased page load time not only takes a toll on user experience but also causes frustration among your website visitors.

Listed above are some of the common mistakes that operators make while getting their websites made. Now that you’re aware of these common mistakes, it is time to go through a comprehensive checklist, to keep in mind, for your next iGaming website development

Comprehensive Checklist to Consider Before Building Sports Betting Websites

Build with confidence

Today, there are hundreds of operators in the market competing to be in the first place. The surge took a spike after COVID-19 hit the world, forcing people to be in the vicinity of their homes. 

Because each of these operators online claim to be the best in the business, it has led to punters becoming highly selective. They have a wide variety to choose from and opt for the best sports betting website as per their betting requirements. 

Note, that your online sports betting platform will solve two purposes

  1. To keep punters engaged
  2. To build a profitable business

Listed below is the checklist for online sports betting software that will help you achieve your goals seamlessly. 

Add an Efficient Bonus System

Make sure to include a comprehensive bonus system in your sports betting software for your players. It acts as an aid to encourage your punters to play more bets. These bonuses can include free bets, loyalty bonuses, signup bonuses, and more. It is an efficient way to keep your punters engaged and aids to kickstart your business in no time. 

Integrate a Back Office Module

A back office module, commonly known as Player Account Management Dashboard is your tool to manage your online sportsbook software. It is equipped with all the tools that you need to manage your online sportsbook software better. A back office comes with tools like CRM (Customer Reputation Management), CMS (Content Management System, payment modes, bonus engine, affiliates management, risk management tools, fraud detection, and much more. 

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It does not only streamline your overall management but also integrates top-tier security in your system. 

Integrate Secure Payment Gateways

A diverse player base requires diverse modes of payment. Each player has different requirements. Hence, you must offer multiple modes of payment for seamless and secure transactions. Having secure payment gateways on board builds trust among players and leads to frequent transactions. 

Live Watch Stream

Set up a provision for a live screening of the matches so that punters can watch live and track the game in real-time. It will enhance engagement, and let punters improvise the game. This keeps the excitement and rush going while adding up to the business. Operators need to hire professional developers who can integrate reliable bet providers in their online sportsbook software

Superior Game Quality/Graphics

Give a realistic experience to your punters. It is one of the ways to stay ahead of your competition. Investing in high-quality graphics is crucial for your punter’s engagement, retention, and success of your online sportsbook software. 

Multi-Lingual Support

When you’re expecting punters from across borders, it is important to stay native to them. Language can act as your biggest support or a greatest rival, if not understood or used to its power. Host multilingual support for your punters sitting across geographies to keep them hooked. Let them interact in their preferred language and play accordingly. 

An Array of Sports and Events

A wholesome mix of sports and events for your players will boost your punters’ count and business. Global leagues like football, cricket, and basketball, with a mix of other prevalent local games, will allow you to enhance business through the top and bottom lines simultaneously. 

Replay and Saved Games for Players’ Analysis

Slow-motion replays and saved games help punters to analyze their game for the future. Slow-motion replays capture minor details and winning strikes for accurate game betting and a transparent display of results to avoid conflicts. 

Game Updates and News

As a part of your CMS (Content Management System) sharing game updates and news is the easiest thing to do. It is one of the reasons that online sportsbook software developers like PieGaming integrate an easy-to-manage Players Account Management (PAM) Dashboard. It allows you to easily switch banners, share updates, and send personalized emails/messages to keep your players informed. 

How PieGaming Can Help You Achieve Your Checklist to the T

PieGaming is a pioneer integrator for online sportsbook software development. We specialize in building robust bespoke sports betting sites that are high-performing at the same time. It enables you to keep your punters engaged and streamline operations at the same time. Therefore, enabling consistent growth and spiking business revenue. 

Our team of virtual sports software developers delivers high-quality sports for your business, including virtual football, basketball, greyhound racing, horse racing, tennis, and more, for exciting and exciting experiences

Want to learn how PieGaming can help you get the resources necessary for a successful virtual sports betting website? Contact us today!

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Sports Betting Sites Checklist: Must-haves of Sports Betting Sites that Drive Success

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