What is PAM software in iGaming? 9 Key Role in Current Day

Player Account Management Software (PAM Software)

In the last couple of years, iGaming has witnessed a lot of buzz. The increasing popularity has also risen around player engagement and retention. Why? Let’s find out!

DraftKings, in the year 2020, disclosed that their average CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) is $371/user. Some experts predicted the same to go up to $1000-$2000 per user. 

Considering the hike in acquisition cost, operators are on the run to find newer ways to retain the existing users and increase overall player life on the PAM Software platform. 

Since you already know how costly acquiring new players is, let us tell you how insightful your existing data can be to help you retain your current user base. Where and How? Check it out!

Players Account Management (PAM Software), a robust dashboard in your back office is your key element to help realize this strategy. 

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What is Players Account Management (PAM)?

Players Account Management or PAM stands for customer relationship management. It is a back-office dashboard that helps operators manage their players and business. PAM software in iGaming organizes players’ data such as bets, games, frequency, gain & loss for your consolidated or individual players’ view. This data helps businesses in marketing, customer relationship management, deriving the company’s profit and loss, and contemplating strategies to move further. 

Role of iGaming Platform PAM software for Operators

Player Account Management Dashboard

iGaming PAM Solutions helps operators organize and manage players’ data in one place. With PAM software, different departments of your sportsbook/online casino can access data at the same time, without having to rely on one another. Also, adding up to elevate the processes and quicker responses. 

Going beyond organizational data management, Players Account Management in iGaming allows you, as an operator, to enhance the experience for your players. Here’s how: 

Improved Player Segmentation

As an operator, you’re already aware that a vast variety of players visit you every day. Some are into online casinos, playing roulette, blackjack, or baccarat; while others may be completely interested in sportsbooks, punting, or wagering. 

Once you churn your data better, player segregation becomes visible. It is an important process for you to create a personalized gaming experience for your players in the dashboard and create a targeted marketing experience for them.

To achieve this goal easily, we at PIEGAMING, offer advanced iGaming Players Account Management solutions that help you create player bonuses easily. For example: you can offer your punters some bonuses/credits to play a game of roulette and vice versa. It is a critical component of cross-selling and player retention.

Enhanced Player communication

A disorganized or outdated data is your biggest enemy. Especially in the field of iGaming where data is rapidly changing. Outdated or disoriented data can leave you baffled with thoughts of what to communicate and when with players.

 iGaming Player Account Management Solution with PieGaming updates you in real time about your players, their games, frequency, changing behavior, grievances, and so much more in the same dashboard. It further enables you to set communication and devise personalized messages, bonuses and offers for your players. 

It even acts as a great medium to address grievances by having complete visibility into the players’ accounts. An equipped dashboard with complete data allows you to have informed conversations and create acceptable outcomes for both parties. 

Sound Decision Making

An efficient PAM software is your best employee that helps you in making informed decisions. Why? Because robust iGaming PAM solutions will give you every detail you need on your players’ accounts such as their lifecycle, frequency of play, bets, wins & losses, payments, balance, withdrawals, affiliations, and so much more. The top of the reports will also share with you the total players, active players, dropouts, and the operator’s overall profit/loss. This data is crucial at organizational and individual player levels. It is your center point, your controller, and an officer with a hundred percent transparent information about performance. 

Accommodates a Large Number of Transactions

The potential of PAM software is not restricted to just player or data management but navigates much more. An efficient Players Account Management in iGaming accommodates multiple payment gateways for lightning-fast payments and their management. It allows all sorts of transactions including, withdrawals, deposits, and authenticity checks in real time. Don’t forget, it is crucial during peak seasons. 

Automates Time Intensive Processes

An important role of iGaming platform PAM software is to automate through AI the time-intensive processes like fraud and risk detection, KYC, transactions management, and other manual tasks. It enables you or your team to focus on bigger goals and focus on critical business decisions. As in addition, the system offers an array of pre-constructed promotion strategies and offers for effective marketing. 

An Enabler to Responsible Gaming

An advanced iGaming PAM solution comes equipped with data-backed algorithms to auto-detect gambling problems and generate quick alerts. Some of its capabilities are tracking bettor’s limits and sessions, monitoring behavioral changes and excessive betting, fraudulent activities, and exploitation. 

Improved Odds Management

The Player Account Management Dashboard in your online iGaming software helps you, an operator, to real-time calculate odds and accurately update feeds. This being the core of your business, needs utmost attention. While it is impossible to keep updating it manually in real-time and quickly, PAM Dashboard takes the hassle away from you. 

Gamification in Account Management

Innovative account features in your Player Account Management (PAM) Dashboard use advanced gamification elements to boost player engagement. By integrating these custom features like bonus coins, free bets, and other unique elements, you can create a unique experience for your clients to keep them entertained and engaged throughout. 

Remember, increased engagement will lead to retaining existing users and drawing more business. It will also reduce your other marketing expenditure on CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost).

Enhanced Data Protection

A player account management solution is inevitable for iGaming and the betting industry. It ensures a seamless and secure user experience. It empowers operators to efficiently handle hundreds and thousands of users without any glitches or delayed waits. 

Furthermore, it enhances player protection, detects fraud in real time, and shares alerts for quick actions.

It is the backbone of any iGaming software and provides comprehensive reports to keep you up-to-date with your data. It is a must-have tool for businesses seeking success in the world of iGaming. 

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iGaming PAM Solutions by PieGaming

All white-label and turnkey iGaming solutions at PieGaming come packed with robust PAM software. They’re fully equipped with all of the features mentioned in the blog above. Above that our PAM software in iGaming also offers agent and affiliate management for you to retain and grow your player base at lower than CAC costs. 

Planning to start an online casino or sportsbook? Get in touch with us today for a quick tour. Our experts will take you through our world-class technology that is made for you to succeed. 

Planning to start an online casino or sportsbook

What is PAM software in iGaming? 9 Key Role in Current Day

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