How a Custom Front-end Improves User Experience in iGaming Applications

Custom Front-end in iGaming

By now the world has already recognized the power of used experience as a significant determinant of the success of iGaming Software. We judge a design based on an intuitive approach; this is the quickest way to understand the website at its face value. For an immersive gaming experience, the user interface and the quality of experience have equal weightage. These factors will help latch onto the players and keep them coming back to your platform. 

Hence, the integration of design principles is an absolute necessity to invite, retain, and mesmerize customers. This gives them a larger-than-life experience. Let us show you how a purposefully designed front end can elevate your presence and fuel your success in the digital arena. 

What Does a Custom Frontend Mean?

The custom front end is a methodically designed user interface that is meant to cater to a player’s specific needs. Previously designers used to put together a pre-existing template that looked the same across all platforms on the internet for almost all game development companies. Hence, there was no way to stand out from the crowd.

Everything that comes under the aesthetics, experience, and actionable can be considered as a front-end segment. This can include the design layout, speed, and navigation CTAs. It also encompasses the consistency of experience in both mobile apps and web versions.

Food for Thought: In 75% of the cases a user’s judgment about a brand’s credibility is based on the look, feel, and functioning of the website. 

Who can Benefit from Custom Frontends in iGaming?

Design principles carefully integrate product features and customer needs to bridge a gap between what’s required and what’s offered. This amalgamation ushered a new era of flexibility, innovation, and seamless operation which only custom iGaming platforms could provide. Design principles started becoming widely accepted in online gaming platforms; thanks to the dynamicity of the online gambling industry

After realizing the importance of custom design, development companies started adapting to custom front ends in iGaming platforms. After all, they wanted to harness every possible resource to win the race. Moreover, studies show that a well-structured navigation flow can ensure customer retention by 80%.

Custom front-end solutions can give your business a boost with features that make your platform appear unique and more engaging. In this oversaturated market, to be irreplaceable you must adapt to the best practices.

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In What Ways Custom Frontend Solutions is Helpful for Your iGaming Business?

→ Giving an Edge over Competitors

When an emerging iGaming platform is completely reliant on the previously built platforms, it is setting itself up for monotony. Leaving the customer nothing new to be amazed at. This offers little to no edge to the design. Custom frontends in iGaming will add features that are desired by users and give the platform a boost.

—> An Advanced Product Identity

A custom front can give your platform a newfound identity. You can shape how your platform interacts with the audience and in what ways it invites them to interact with the services. A custom design teamed with unique features can upgrade a platform by bestowing a new brand persona. Furthermore, it is not just appealing to punters but also to the marketeers to work on.

—> Make a Mark with the Presence 

If an operator is ambitious and has plans on expanding the business, a Custom Frontend is absolutely indispensable to level up the growing business. It is not only there to establish a presence in the digital arena, but the quickest way to speak to the audience. 

67% of the users admit that a poorly functioning website affects the image of the brand. 

The more effective and appealing the communication is, lesser the drop-off rate, hence, better customer retention. Adding to this, easy and fluent experience is the way to go. Moreover, consistency in communication is another major aspect to look for. 

—> For Long Term Returns

There is another reason to embrace front-end design if you as a business owner, are planning to be in the market for the long haul.  Moreover, by investing in building your own IP, you are setting yourself up to add value to your business— developing an elaborate business structure to support your plan is the way to cut down on unnecessary expenses. 

Incorporating new features in the existing iGaming platform often has extra charges associated. To keep up with the industry standards, integrating changes is inevitable. Furthermore, businesses get enough flexibility to infuse new features by ensuring their position. However, it is indeed a one-time investment for long-term returns.

—> Feedback Integration

A major part of product management is collecting feedback and integrating possible solutions to stay in the best position possible. This not only generates a feeling of importance in players but also helps gain loyalty from them. 

—> Removing Technical Blockages to Expand the Customer Base

It is crucial to check the front-end functioning if you find your business not expanding at the rate at which you expected it to grow. When such problems resurface, we assume that a player is facing a hindrance with the usability features of a product. 

Adding immediate actionables and immersive design, using a customized front end can turn out to be favorable for your iGaming business and improve game UX (user experience) design. 

This entails how having a flexible front end can help you grow your customer base.

—-> Technical Upgrade for New Version

To keep up with the customer needs, website maintenance and bug fixes are important. Additionally, this adds to the overall Custom Frontend to Level up the iGaming Experience for the users to keep up with the market trends.

—> Analytics and User Behaviour Mapping

Often iGaming software developers and designers prefer custom frontend over purely the technical aspects like performance optimization. The loading time can be monitored and enhanced as a part of being more agile. Especially for an environment where everything moves at a faster speed, a lag-free service wins the race. Pun intended!

This can also help a platform generate organic reach through SEO practices. Custom frontend software makes it easy for performance tracking, analyzing user patterns, and in short, providing impeccable insights on successfully growing the business.

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Tips for Improving Game UX

  1. Aesthetics and Appeal– The colour schemes, font size, UX copies, and visual elements hold the power to uplift the brand persona and create dominance as soon as someone lays eyes on a certain web page. It adds to the appeal and makes it more engaging so much so that it feels effortless to the eyes. 
  2. Captivating visualsiGaming platforms seek an immersive experience with mesmerizing visuals for retaining customers for a longer time. So to enchant the customers, the design, copy, and brand persona have to be in alignment.  In addition, this gives the tailor made appearance to the website. 
  3. Customization Filters– When you allow customers to play around with the website and add customization according to their choices, it increases engagement and captures the attention. According to behavioral psychology, the more effort you put into engaging yourself in something, the longer you are expected to continue the activity. 
  4. Easy accessibility– The easier it is to navigate the website and the app, the clearer the CTAs are, the easier engagement is going to be for the customers, they will end up placing more bets due to the unobstructed flow of the process.
  5. Amplifying Game MechanicsGameplay tutorials, real-time game updates, and other such engaging features add to the all-over experience of a player.
  6. Integrate Mobile ExperienceAdapting to the mobile ecosystem is another way to keep up with the competition. Furthermore, maintaining the constancy between the website and the app interface with an optimal quality gaming experience is the key here. Almost, 74% of the customers are sure to return if the mobile experience is satisfactory.
  7. Advances Notification System– Increasing the engagement factor including notifications exclusive to users can be beneficial in boosting engagement. Some proven tactics to increase player engagement are live commenting on scores, pop-ups with a CTA, updates, etc 
  8. Seamless Merging Options– As an iGaming operator, integrating payment service providers and other such platforms is compulsory. This happens effortlessly when an operator engages middleware along with custom frontend designs. Further integration of different payment systems, wallets, third-party suppliers, etc. hence becomes a cakewalk.
  9. Lag-free operation: It is a no-brainer. If the website is slow, the drop-off rate will definitely increase and this will not only affect the brand image but also the growth and revenue.

8 Big Nos of iGaming Front-end


Custom frontend solution is the most hassle-free integrated service to give your entrepreneurial actions an edge. It goes far beyond the aesthetics and secures the future growth prospects of your business. 

Get in touch to know how our coding ninjas at Pie Gaming build impressive front-end experiences. Get a customised interface that your business and users would love. 

How a Custom Front-end Improves User Experience in iGaming Applications

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