The Role of Digital Wallet in Enhancing iGaming Experience

Digital Wallet Payments in the iGaming Industry

The iGaming industry is tremendously fast-paced and holds ample space for integrating dynamic technologies. To keep up with the needs of people and stay competitive in the market, iGaming websites have thoughtfully included a plethora of options, enough to get you drowning. Apart from the regular slot games, it may include sportsbooks, lotteries, live gaming, and poker. 

To keep up with the pace of the change and retain customers in the process, companies make sure that they remain at the top of the game, maintaining their quality and providing top-notch services. Integrating technology and advanced services is just one layer of it. Likewise, integration of the digital wallet system is another such step to provide the best customer experience leveraging the innovation. 

Here in this article, we’ll dive deep into how Digital wallet iGaming enhances the gaming experience. 

How Cashless Payments Work for Enhancing the iGaming Experience?

the only way to keep yourself ahead in this competitive market is to make sure that the experience you’re providing makes their iGaming experience a little easier. The solution can sound simple but has the biggest impact. Betting drives the dopamine level of players and nothing kills the rush more than a slow interface— be it in games or in payment solutions.

Address this problem by giving users the option to opt for a seamless and swift payment solution that can smoothen their journey. Currently, there are several cashless media through which players can make payments, like

  • Net Banking
  • UPI
  • eWallet or Digital wallet
  • Debit/Credit card
  • EMI

The common denominator among all these options boils down to the convenience factor. Cashless payment methods are favourable for both punters and business owners. This is mainly because of three reasons,

  • It is time-saving.
  • It has to undergo certain verification checks and encryption processes ensuring safe transactions.
  • It offers added benefits such as offers and cashback.

A survey by Paysafe in 2022 reveals that 28%of sports bettors across North America and the UK would choose one betting platform over another if they were well incentivized with promotional offers and 34% considered quick and easy payouts as the most important factor to determine it.

What is a Digital Wallet?

A digital wallet is an electronic payment solution that securely saves all the necessary payment information (in users’ devices) to use at numerous payment gateways and websites. It incorporates an advanced security system with cutting-edge technology to bring you a solution that does not require you to manually type the information for every transaction you make through your phone. 

However, you can stay assured about the safety of your data as there are mostly added layers of 2FA  in addition to encryption technologies. A widely used type of digital wallet is what you might have already stumbled upon on your smartphones and devices. We will explore each type of digital wallet and see how cashless gaming works.

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Types of Digital Wallet

Among the widely used eWallets, mobile wallets, crypto wallets, and travelling wallets are the most relevant. We will shed some light on each of these types of digital wallets in the iGaming industry.

Mobile wallets

Although it might sound synonymous with digital wallets, a mobile wallet is one type of digital wallet, which usually comes in two forms:

  1. built-in your mobile handset
  2. downloadable mobile application, aka apps.

The former enables you to carry your card details in your phone so that you won’t have to take your card out every time you make a digital payment. 

In case of the latter, you will need to download an app like Google Pay, Venmo, etc. This app will not only have access to your credit/debit card details but gift cards as well. Digital wallet apps simplify the process of making a payment by automatically initiating the process upon entering the details or by scanning the QR code. 

Both of these types are well protected against any fraudulent transactions and let you go cashless.

Crypto wallets

The last decade saw a rapid growth of a new form of digital payment system using digital currency, which is commonly known as cryptocurrency. It is a widely acknowledged choice of payment to send and receive money in iGaming as it comes with several unique attributes. One crypto wallet can harbour different types of cryptocurrencies and comes with best-in-class security measures. 

Travelling Wallet

The latest entry into the world of iGaming is the technologically advanced travelling wallet. It’s creating quite some buzz in the market currently as it allows one to retain the betting wallet balance while moving across the country where depositing money into a gaming account is illegal. 

Let us explain better. 

If you are moving through a country where betting or cryptocurrency gaming is prohibited, you won’t be able to recharge your casino wallet; otherwise, it will be regarded as breaking the law. The travelling wallet feature takes away from the stress of transferring igaming funds acting as a hall pass. 

But the biggest catch here is that a travelling wallet complies with all the standards of gaming regulations. The wallet is also enabled with a feature that can keep track of all the background transfers in terms of location, keeping the activities lawful. This fuels engagement and there’s nothing better for your iGaming business than having happy customers!

Why Choose Digital Wallets for iGaming

The Benefits of Integrating Digital Wallets for iGaming

Ushering the application of digital wallets in iGaming platforms can be regarded as a revolutionary step towards enriching user experience. Studies show that 28% of global sports betting enthusiasts are willing to use Digital Wallets like Skrill or NETELLER for payments for the perks that come with it. We are mentioning some here.

Secure Payment Guaranteed

Wallet payments are considered an elite component adding to cashless payments in Gaming Industry. Best-quality encryption technology, two-factor authentication, biometric authentication, fraud monitoring, and 4-6 digit pins are the associated layers of security checks included in digital wallet payments

Immediate Payout

Other electronic payment gateways may take 2 to 3 working days to process a certain transaction, but while using a digital wallet, consider yourself covered! The withdrawal process is extremely simple and swift where players can access their winnings right after the game ends, or maybe after just a while. The key takeaway here is that when the winnings are immediately reflected in the account, it elevates the mood and gives a player a sense of victory. 

Quick and Easy Transactions

Since a digital wallet can simplify and regulate payments in a systematic manner, it makes deposits and withdrawals a five-finger exercise. At a tap, money is transferable to the bank to your casino account. The best part is, there is no need for bank details.

Variety of Choices

Since these digital wallets are capable of storing multiple currencies, they welcome players with various preferences. Hence, the customer base will include regional as well as international players, which in short, broadens the horizon. Additionally, offering customers options also adds to a better user experience. It results in customer loyalty and steady revenue collection. 

Studies conducted show that 46% of the players would opt out of a sportsbook platform if their favourite payment gateway is not available.

Cross-platform Consistency

The cross-platform consistency of wallets facilitates easy transitions too by maintaining a sync. This enables players to use multiple devices simultaneously without any issues.

Some Notable Points about Digital Wallet Payments in the iGaming Industry

There is no doubt that digital wallet payments are way superior to regular payment methods.  But there are certain facts about digital wallets that we would love you to be aware of before you plunge into it, both as a service provider and a user.

  • As a user, do not make haste while making a payment.
  • Make sure of the information that you put out while logging in. If it is too simple to figure out,  you might fall prey to hackers. Hence it is advised to use complicated passwords and pins to escape the chances of account takeovers.
  • For business owners, make sure you cross-check your accounts as payment processors may offer you packages in terms of volume of transactions and levy extra charges if the volume goes up the limit. Even if it’s dynamic, keep an eye on the prices. 
  • Always look out for a PCI-compliant payment method for your platform (using screening methods like CVV verification) to eradicate the chances of fraud occurrence. 
  • If a chargeback is filed it can burn a hole in your pocket. This can also taint your reputation.
  • iGaming platform owners may consider offering features like Dynamic Currency Conversion to let customers choose their payment currency.

Summing Up!

From a product point of view, acquiring an API integration and topping that up with the finest UI will help a digital wallet secure its position in the market. As a business owner,  if you are striving to establish the best digital payment solution, we suggest you connect with the top payment providers, establish the best system security, make the platform absolutely lag-free, and build a powerful encryption framework to strengthen your product.

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The Role of Digital Wallet in Enhancing iGaming Experience

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