Unveiling the Powerhouses: Top 10 Crypto iGaming Solution Providers

Top 10 Crypto iGaming Solution Providers

In this dynamic world of online iGaming, where innovation rules, the emergence of quickly adopted cryptocurrencies has sparked transformative waves. With the increase in demand for crypto-integrated iGaming, the spotlight is shining bright on the pioneers of the iGaming industry to reshape the landscape of the market. 

Keeping this in mind, today we will explore the top 10 crypto iGaming solution providers in the iGaming industry. 

Be it creating an immersive casino experience or an exciting sports betting platform, these top 10 companies are fundamentally revolutionizing the face of the game. Hop on to this journey of exploring cutting-edge technology, captivating gamification, and uncompromised UI/UX that define them as leaders of the cryptocurrency iGaming landscape. 

With our rich experience as an iGaming software provider, we understand the importance of finding the right iGaming platform to ensure positive revenue, seamless user interface and user experience, and compliance. 

There are multiple crypto iGaming solution providers in the market today, each with it’s own pros and cons. Today we will talk about each of these going forward so that you make a sound choice. 

But first, let’s understand a few basics like:

What is an Online Casino Platform?

Before getting into the intricacies of the coin it is important to understand the main purpose of the iGaming platform, which is to provide advanced gaming software that will allow players to play various gambling activities on the web in addition to players registering and registering, depositing, playing and withdrawing money A portal is provided.

It is important to distinguish between the functionality of the platform and the gambling offering itself. Casinos must provide players with a variety of games on which they can place bets, usually sourced from major software manufacturers specializing in online slots and other gambling tools Casino gaming systems offer player money management functionality and the front-end game interface seamlessly integrate, allowing players to place bets on their favorite games.

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Top 10 Crypto iGaming Solutions Providers in the iGaming Industry

1. PieGaming


Despite being relatively new to its peers in the crypto iGaming solution provider, PieGaming has quickly established itself as an important player in the industry With its proprietary PAM technology, PieGaming offers unparalleled customization is not for, ensuring that every aspect of your platform, down to the best content, aligns with the highest brand standards

Operators benefit from a comprehensive back panel, empowering them to efficiently manage and manage the game. To increase user engagement, PieGaming prioritizes a strong UI design and adds support for cryptocurrencies, which appeals to a wider audience. Known for its sophisticated technology, PieGaming boasts zero latency and a dedicated backend software support team.

PieGaming’s globally recognized risk management strategies position it as the first choice for white-label betting exchange providers in 2024, underscoring its undeniable authority and reliability

2. Evolution Gaming 

Evolution Gaming

It is a leading crypto iGaming solutions provider offering its services since 2006. The company has secured its place in the top 10 crypto iGaming software providers list because of its latest tech stack and innovative design for its clients. Their professional team of developers makes it one of the top choices for development needs.

3. MicroGaming


Microgaming is a renowned name in the industry of iGaming. The reason it has made big in this industry is its top-notch casino solutions. It allows you to share your iGaming ideas and will add a layer of its superior development services to create impactful software in a matter of days. Having a professional team of iGaming developers with vast experience in casino services, Microgaming has created a differentiation of positioning.

4. NetEnt


NetEnt started its journey 21+ years ago and steadily became a leading player as the crypto iGaming solution for the gaming industry. It understands the essence of player-oriented platforms. Thus, the team creates flexible, device-friendly, and comprehensive solutions. A few of their core services include marketing, business intelligence, hosting, and more. They provide live casino and multiple sportsbook integrations to keep players engaged.

5. International Gaming Technology (IGT)

International Gaming Technology

Despite there being multiple crypto iGaming providers in the market, International Gaming Technology (IGT) managed to create a space for its own. They’ve built numerous bespoke software depending upon client’s needs. For every requirement, IGT makes sure to conduct full research and integrate best-in-the-market crypto iGaming solutions to elevate your iGaming business.

6. NSoft


Emerging with a reputable history, NSoft has become a leading provider of crypto iGaming software since its establishment in 2008 with more than one hundred and forty clients worldwide. It focuses on the development of online gambling software, specializing in creating modern betting websites for businesses. With over three hundred employees and management in thirty-five nations, it is among the most reputed iGaming companies globally. Besides, NSoft has won over several respected global brands such as Codere and Eurobet who rely on their expertise and solutions which make it a trusted industry partner.

7. BetSoft


Worldwide, Betsoft provides complete software services. They are the leading choice for crypto iGaming solution for gaming industry that need high-quality iGaming software because they have been in the sector for 17 years and have been part of about 200 iGaming projects. Betsoft is notable for coming up with user-friendly programs that give a highly impressive gaming experience. For being the best supplier of premium iGaming platforms, they have maintained their superiority through excellence.

8. Push Gaming

Push Gaming

Starting operations in 2010 based on online casinos, they rose to be leaders in mobile HTML5 games development. They have over one hundred thirty-five computer technologists and have developed more than twenty-nine various gaming programs. Push Gaming is strict on meeting clients’ needs and therefore focuses on offering excellent services to its customers.

They have many online casinos together with multiple game titles that meet strict requirements for licensing and security. This company has a high regard for communication and partnership unlike just serving its clientele through a dedicated team of programmers who guarantee smooth workflow.

9. Together Gaming

Together Gaming

As a global provider in the casino industry, Together Gaming offers cutting-edge casino games with cutting-edge technology and unique front-end designs and customers have access to a wide range of services, including over 300 payment options, reporting tools, CRM edge medicine, etc. With two development platforms available – Turnkey and White Label – partners have comprehensive access to customized solutions that meet their business needs with ease. Integration is effortless, thanks to straightforward APIs, ensuring platform and games are user-friendly, requiring minimal effort to implement

10. Novomatic


An undeniable leader in gaming, Novomatic stands tall among industry leaders, boasting €2.9 billion in revenue for 2022. The company’s global presence extends across 50 countries, with cabinets, gaming systems, jackpots, and complete solutions, it is well-equipped to provide services within.

Driven by a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Novomatic’s extensive portfolio features games, underscored by strong case studies Founded in 1980, Novomatic has enjoyed a journey that incredibly, has earned its place as one of the major players in the iGaming landscape.

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Everything you need is covered here! The top 10 crypto iGaming solution providers mentioned can be your best option to consider while going forward with the software development. We have carefully curated the best players in the market, so that you don’t have to juggle between multiple players, the rights and the wrongs, current trends, and important factors to consider. 

Relying on Piegaming and its research will allow you to quickly navigate through your crypto iGaming solution providers needs without being in the ocean of options. Our team will help you throughout the process to make development less of a roller coaster ride for you. 

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Unveiling the Powerhouses: Top 10 Crypto iGaming Solution Providers

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